Youth Employability Project, Eskisehir
esgipAlthough Turkey has a very significant industrial and business potential, it cannot use this potential, and its growth and economic development remains under the expectation. The production efficiency in the companies may be lower than the expected due to various reasons. Foremost among these, the human factor take place.

Lack of qualified technical and administrative personnel is one of the most important factors before the productivity. Unqualified work power causes the losses hard to compensate and to the disruptions. Even a fault that seems easy to compensate decreases the productivity due to the loss of time it led, and it may delay the actions that will increase the productivity.

The existing order should continue as far as possible away from the permanent surprises in order to realize the technical / systematic etc., actions that will increase the productivity.

The first step for solving the problem, at this point, is only possible by improving vocational and technical training.

The industrialist, who will employ them, must draw the boundaries of the development level and competence of the graduates of technical education. The industry must put forth its needs, and the educationist must consider what he/she can do for meeting these needs. Unfortunately, our existing vocational education / training cannot know these boundaries.

And, in the implementation of the known by them, there are very different barriers. The elimination of these barriers and finding the solutions for these problems will provide benefits such as increasing the quality of life of some people and improving the economy of country.

It is possible to come through such a result with the gathering of several persons / institutions for same purpose. Among these groups, the industry acts as locomotive with its production, technology and the resources of information. And the other institution in the key location is the school without a doubt.

Despite this, it is impossible to achieve the aim without the contributions of chambers, students, parents and non-governmental organizations. The need for establishing a correct system brings the necessity for each areas of the system to take place within this purpose.

The project of “Youth Employability” aims this togetherness and focusing on the target all together. The graduation of the students with the employability, sufficient knowledge, abilities and competences, in other words; to analyze the problems in the root cause in order to change the result is our aim at the utmost base.

And our most important success criteria is the sustainability. A project without the sustainability, finished with the temporary results meant for us as failed to focus on the goal and unsuccessful for reaching at the aim.

Our method contains prioritizing the frequent assessments, deficiency analyses, the required changes and the compatibility with the reality.

The project of “Youth Employability” are performed in Eskisehir and Mexico. We must emphasis with pride that the scope of the project in Eskisehir is among the most successful projects made until the present time.

The project is realized with the support of RHI, which is one of the biggest industrial companies of Austria, and with the management of ADA and ICEP.

RHI, the financial supporter of the project is represented by Magnezit A.S. (RHI Turkey) in Turkey. The Turkey leader of the project is TEGEV Teknolojik Egitimi Gelistirme Vakfi; providing and application of the know-how are carried out by TEGEV Akreditasyon Sinav ve Belgelendirme Hizmetleri A.S. (CbyT).

Among the stakeholders of the project, FESTO which is one of the world leaders of vocational education takes place. And the other stakeholders of the project are Technical and Industrial Vocational High Schools, Eskisehir Industrial Companies and Eskisehir Chamber of Industry.