Our Quality Policy

CbyT Quality Management System is structured according to ISO 9001 Standard.

CbyT, through its principles that will not compromise of the bases of impartiality, equality and reliability;

  • It bears the responsibility of the services it provide in all platforms, and supervises the contribution of these services to the society.
  • It attaches importance to the constant improvement through its consistent and dynamic structure and the scientific approach.
  • It aims to be a company that is exemplified by its development in national and international platforms.
  • It is customer oriented.
  • It works to be the best without compromising the quality in products and services.
  • In all platforms the working personnel completely follows the rules of ethics, transparency and confidentiality.
  • It believes the importance of institutionalization as a learning organization.
  • It conducts the Examination and Certification independently from the other activities.
  • It respects for the humanitarian and the social values.


Our Quality Principles

  • Independence and Impartiality: CbyT obeys the principle of independence and impartiality in all of its activities. It never takes part in any activity that may outrage this principle. For that reason, it arranges its relations with the stakeholders and the relevant parties that will not allow the privileges to anyone.
  • Preventing the Conflict of Interests: CbyT tells the responsibilities of the relevant persons and the personnel on preventing the conflict of interests, and it signs through the written contracts.
  • Transparency: CbyTconducts all of its activities according to the principles of openness and transparency. It publishes the information, which are needed by the parties in relation with the services it provides, in an accessible way without it is demanded.
  • Confidentiality: CbyT undertakes the confidentiality of all personal information that it had during its activities.