Company Based Education and Training – CoBET® System is a Quality Assurance System in Education that is based on the lifetime learning philosophy, and with which the employees constantly transfer their accumulation of knowledge to each other, and which is live and renews itself continuously.

The basic feature of CoBET® System is the raise in the productivity for the companies by using their own resources and by constituting the mentoring, on-the-job trainings and academy systems.

Thus, the system develops like a live organism which constantly renews itself and keeps the corporate culture, and reduces the external dependency.

The companies differ according to their sectors, size, technological growth, management systems and to several factors. Due to these differences, CoBET® System is specifically designed for each companies in line with the principles of intellect, skills and change management.

The researches give the rates of learning as a result of the training programs, which are made with the classical methods, as follows:


As it is seen in the graphics, the learning rate one hour later the completion of a training program drops to 58%, and the learning rate one week later to 30%, and the learning rate one month later to 13%.

For example, when an expense of 1.000,00.-TL made for the training is compared with the learning rates, it can be seen that there is a learning of 130,00.-TL (13%). The aim of CoBET which applies the new mentoring approach is to prevent of this loss of 870,00.-TL.