Training Consultancy


We, as CbyT, know that there are several ways for solving the training problems in the companies. It is very important at this point for us to constitute the constant training systemwithout raising the costs and by using their own resources.

We constituted our training consultancy platform in order to make the trainings to be based on projects, professional standards and the competence, and to integrate the principles of the distribution of theoric and practical training rates in 50% with the existing structure. In this respect;

Mentoring System Consultancy: We provide the mentoring services for the constitution and systemization of the mentoring system which is the way with lowest cost and also contributing to the constant raising of competence.

On-the-Job Training Consultancy: We contribute for making the persons, who are employed and to be employed, as the competent employees due to our role we took in raising the competence of the intern or employee trainings made in companies.

Academy Consultancy: We provide a comprehensive consultancy service for the constitution / development of academies in the companies.