Examination and Certification

AHKOur examination and certification service is platform, independently from our other services, works with the principles of independence and impartiality, prevention of clashing of interests, transparency, confidentiality and safety. You can reach at the activities / information on Examination and Certification in http://www.sinavbelgelendirme.com

The issue of Examination and Certification is a new topic in Turkey. The examinations can only be useful when they are applied with true purposes, correct analysis and true techniques / methods, and they take their power not from the fear and anxiety but from the learning and development.

The most significant requirement at this point is to know clearly what will be obtained at the end of the examination. For CbyT, the examination is not the racing, memorization and anxiety; but it means perseverance, desire, learning and self-confidence; it means that its evocation is “productivity” for us.

Why the Issue of Examination and Certification is the Requirement of Today?

Now the Business world has extremely accelerated: Rapid changes, instant communication, rapid transportation and the fast production… Now the speed defines the all aspects of our lives, and there big difference between the meanings of 15 minutes of today with 15the meanings of minutes of 15 years ago.

Due to the necessity of fast and quality production, there is an inevitability in the differentiation of the criteria of the employers on the employment.

Like the time concept, also the meaning of work power changed. Now, it is expected from the employees, who are to be to be employed, to be competent at least on one profession.

Besides the change in the expectations on knowledge and competence, now it became almost impossible to define the competencies of the work power by interpreting the CVs.

Even the production is realized through the robots, on which the advanced technologies used, it needs the human.

The developments in technology do not change the reality that the human power is the most important resource; although it seems that the need for work power is reduced, the need for the several qualified employment is increased. Thus, the expectations in relation to the competency levels of the persons are changed accordingly.

It is necessary to correctly analyze on which stages of the production and which levels of knowledge/skills and competences are needed in a work place. After making this detection, it is necessary to review whether the proper persons are employed or not in this stage. The Proper determination of the knowledge and competency levels, and the proper employment of the employees in line with these determinations are of the most significant factors that raise the productivity. So, the importance of examinations and certification arises at this point.

CbyT works with the consciousness that Examination and Certification issue is very important for Turkey. The examinations we make are designed carefully and by analyzing needs in order not only to measure the theoric knowledge, but also to measure the qualifications and competences on practice.

An impartial and reliable evaluation is provided by presenting the measures of the exam and the success rates through the measurements made after the examinations.

We also perform the examinations and certification on behalf of Stuttgart IHK in a special project through an agreement signed between CbyT (Certified by TEGEV) and Stuttgart IHK (Stuttgart Industry and Commerce Chamber) in the year of 2010.

Examination and Certification Platform of CbyT is carried out under two basic headings;

We serve as the Examination and Certification company, which was authorized by Turkish German Commerce and Industry Chamber (AHK), in order to carry out the Exams of Mechatronics System Technique Exams.

We completed our preparations and made our application for, being authorized by the Vocational Qualification Institution, in order to conduct examination and certification on the Machine Maintenance Level 4 and Mechatronics System Operator Level 5 professions.